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Product Features

Easy. Secured. Flexible

PCI-DSS compliant online payment gateway supports business to capture sales with features and functions that finance and users love.

Easy to Use APIs

Shorten the integration time & risk.  Eliminates the hassle and cost of connecting with multiple acquirers and integrating with different payment methods


Capture large sales volume ticket, increase conversion rate

Payment link

Flexible for IG store, FB store, catagloue sales …, facilitate the use of SMS, social media messenging, email to reach paymment link, secure payment

Benefits & Features to Merchants

  • Optimize Sales & Cost Savings
    • Process both local and cross-border transactions and will provide the ideal mix of payment solutions to help generate cost savings on transaction processing.
    • Convert sales interest into actual transaction is critical for E-commerce success.
  • Manage Payments with Ease & Efficiency
    • Single integration to have access to both international and the most preferred local and alternative payment methods. Merchants can accept payments in their customers’ preferred methods.
    • Single platform for omni-channel support – including E-commerce, M-commerce
    • Single operational interface for boarding, operations and support – making it easier and quicker for operations
    • Single reporting to view and reconcile all your payment transactions
    • Single point of contact for all your payment needs - leaving you more time to manage your core business
  • Expand Global Reach
    • Connected with various acquirers around the world that means no additional integration for merchants. Single point of contact for all your payment needs - leaving you more time to manage your core business
  • Fraud Management
    • Full compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) means merchants can save the cost and hassle for acquiring their own certification and utilizes the latest risk management tools to proactively manage fraud and risks with proven techniques, from velocity checks to 3DSecure authentication.
  • Competitive Pricing
    • Minimal setup fee & no monthly fee
    • Lower processing costs
    • Reduced operation costs

About Us

RECON, a Cityline payment solution was established in year 2017 to provide a secure, scalable and high performance payment solution for your business Cityline is a Hong Kong based company to support businesses with

  • Cinemas & Entertainment
  • Travel & Attractions
  • Retail & Others

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