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Who we are

RECON means revenue collection and reconciliation which is the online payment gateway powered by Cityline. This gives a choice to merchants in the fast-growing e-marketplace to extend convenience to merchants and customers in a secure and cost-effective way. We are committed to the local market with local support with a good understanding on the needs and pain points as a merchant with 20+ years payment services experience. One integration with an optimal reach of well-accepted credit cards payments in Hong Kong and China payment service.

Benefits & Features to Merchants

Optimize Sales & Cost Savings
  • Process both local and cross-border transactions and will provide the ideal mix of payment solutions to help generate cost savings on transaction processing.
  • Convert sales interest into actual transaction is critical for E-commerce success.

Manage Payments with Ease & Efficiency
  • Single integration to have access to both international and the most preferred local and alternative payment methods. Merchants can accept payments in their customers’ preferred methods.
  • Single platform for omni-channel support – including E-commerce, M-commerce
  • Single operational interface for boarding, operations and support – making it easier and quicker for operations
  • Single reporting to view and reconcile all your payment transactions
  • Single point of contact for all your payment needs - leaving you more time to manage your core business

Expand Global Reach
  • Connected with various acquirers around the world that means no additional integration for merchants. Single point of contact for all your payment needs - leaving you more time to manage your core business

Fraud Management
  • Full compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) means merchants can save the cost and hassle for acquiring their own certification and utilizes the latest risk management tools to proactively manage fraud and risks with proven techniques, from velocity checks to 3DSecure authentication.

Competitive Pricing
  • No setup & monthly fee
  • Lower processing costs
  • Reduced operation costs

Sales, Business Development, Marketing & Operations
  • 20 years+ experience as a merchant for payment services
  • Customized payment page
  • Customized discount & coupon verification
  • Multi-payment methods with China payment service
  • Payment methods
  • E-commerce platform plug-in
  • 20 years+ experience as a merchant for payment services
  • Competitive service charge
  • Acquirers at your own choice
  • 20 years+ experience as a merchant for payment services
  • Single integration
  • Managed service on fraud management

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Client Reference

Cityline has over 20 years of experience in providing payment service to various corporate clients of different sectors:

Cinema Ticketing
Entertainment Ticketing
Travel & Attractions
Retail & Others


Multiple Payment Options
All major international cards are supported, while local payment options and alternative payment methods allow your customers to choose their preferred payment method, thereby increasing conversion rates and sales.

China Solutions
Our China Payment Solution empowers you to maximize these opportunities by helping you to reach these customers easily, while allowing them to choose how they want to pay.

Single Point of Integration
Eliminates the hassle and cost of connecting with multiple acquirers and integrating with different payment methods.

Heavy Traffic Expertise
We have handled with various heavy traffic in ticketing event in HK Government and MNC enterprise, consequently we have strong experience and knowledge in solving heavy traffic issue.


Integration Guide

API is the open tool which developers / partners can use to connect to RECON payment gateway in a secure and scalable way

Please leave an email if you would like to get the integration guide.

Referral Program

This is the incentive scheme program, which you can register as our referral partner.

FAQ Merchants & developers

Topic Question Answer
Account How can I find my user login? Please talk to your administrator, if still not ok, please contact us
How can I find my merchant id? Please contact us
How can I change my password?
  1. Click your Login ID at the upper right corner of the screen after you have successfully login to the RECON Merchant Portal.
  2. Click “Change Password”.
  3. Input “Old Password”, “New Password”, “Confirm New Password”.
  4. Click “Change Password” button.
How can I rest my password if I forget it?
  1. Click the “Forget Password” link on the RECON Merchant Portal.
  2. Input the Merchant Code and Login ID and click the “Reset Password” button.
  3. An email with a reset password link will be sent to your registered mailbox.
  4. Click the reset password link in the email.
  5. Input the “Merchant Code”, “Login ID”, “New Password” and “Confirm New Password”.
  6. Click the “Reset Password” button to reset your password.
Can I call RECON for the support? Yes, you can! RECON has the dedicate hotline for the customer enquiries and support
Payment What currencies does RECON support? HKD presentment & settlement
What countries does RECON support? Hong Kong
How do I enable the new payment method on my account? Please contact sales team and we will arrange the application form for the payment option enable set up.
Where can I find more information on payment methods?
Can I select some payment methods only? Yes, you can choose the payment methods your prefer.
How is the service charge of RECON? Very simple in discount rate and transaction rate, details can be discussed with RECON sales team
HSBC PayMe How to collect payments with PayMe Business on your online store? You may click here for the details.
Fund flow Can any bank account be the bank merchant account? Yes, at your choice
How can I get the money reimbursement? Directly from acquirers
How can I refund the transaction? There are 3 ways to issue the refund:
  1. Integration
    Use the refund API provided by RECON.
  2. Merchant Portal
    1. Locate the sales transaction using the “Transaction Enquiry” function in Merchant Portal.
    2. Click on the sales transaction to check the details.
    3. Click the “Refund” button.
    4. Input “Refund reason” and “Refund Amount”.
    5. Click “Confirm Refund” button to refund.
  3. Apply to the acquirer directly.
  4. For 1 & 2, Refund capability will be subjected to the permission granted by the acquirer.
How can I handle reconciliation issue? Please contact us
Integration How can I get the RECON API? Email for obtaining the integration guide
Disputes & Fraud How do I prevent fraud? RECON has partnered with fraud prevention tools and it can help to minimize the risk
How do I disable 3D Secure? Disabling 3D Secure is not recommended, because you will be liable for any financial losses from unverified transactions. When 3D Secure is used, the issuer will bear the financial risk in case of a dispute.
To disable 3D Secure, or to activate Dynamic 3D Secure, contact Support.
How can I handle chargebacks? We will assist you to work with your acquirer for the follow-up

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